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The Zof family vineyards are located in North-East Italy close to the Slovenian border in Corno di Rosazzo, a small town set among the hills of FriuliVenezia-Giulia, a region with a great and long wine tradition.  The climate, exposure of the vineyards and soil characteristics give our region a significant qualitative advantage.
The family’s estate was originally established by Angela and Alberto with 2 hectares of vineyards and an agriturismo.  Now the grapes of Zof’s wines grow on 15 hectares and the estate is run by their youngest son, Daniele.  He graduated in oenology 25 years ago and started with Professor Donato Lanati as consultant in a collaboration lasting 10 years.
Daniele felt confident to continue on his own in the track created by Professor Lanati where only the best vineyard practices and the utmost attention to detail in winemaking will yield wines with unique character and flavour.
The terroir here is considerably defined by the cooler air flowing from the northern Alps combining with the warmer air flowing up from the Adriatic to form a fertile macroclimate. The soil is rich in marl and potassium with some phosphorous and magnesium.  Our vines have a limited yield per hectare, planted at a density of 0.9mx2.6m and are trained in the Guyot style.  In this way we favour the quality of the grape bunches over quantity.
The production is a mix of international and indigenous varieties, equally divided between red and white wines.
The varieties we grow include the red Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Refosco dal PeduncoloRosso and Schioppettino as well as white varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Verduzzo, RibollaGialla and Friulano. 

We also harvest a special selection of grapes from which we produce a premium range of wines, Pignolo, Va pensiero, Sonata and Picolit, which all display particular charm.
The winery consists of two cellars, designed to enhance the functionality and harmony of the production process.The first is where the grapes are received and processed and the juice fermented.  The grapes are destemmed and crushed before fermentation in stainless steel containers that are temperature controlled.  The white grapes are softly pressed first to extract the juice, the red grapes afterwards to extract the wine. The second cellar is the barrel cellar where we raise those wines that are aged in oak in a variety of barriques and other barrels mainly of Allier oak and of varying ages.  This cellar was constructed from an old guest house of a villa of the 18th century with traditional stone walls.
Zof always strives to combine tradition and technology, paying great attention to the advantages but also the limits of both.
"The modus operandi of the past, the one that sees the hand harvest of the grapes and celebration of the end of the harvest , is a reality that still characterizes our lives and cellar today.”
We feel that a standout product needs to combine the old methods with the latest technology, while keeping intact the delicate balance that provides a genuine and refined result.
Our aim is to create wines of high quality, with depth and balance of flavour, but always offering an excellent quality/price ratio.


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